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For business/project enquiries write to enquiry@lloydinsulations.com or call us on +91 22 49060228. We'll be glad to serve you.
Specialty Specific FAQ's
How much does a Pre-insulated sandwich Panel System (PSP’s) weigh?

A 6mx1mx100mm thick PSP weighs about 72kg. Weight Tables are available for the exact weight of different panel sizes.

How do you make the openings for doors and windows?

Doors and windows are identified in the building plan prior to start of construction. During the Eco-Panels manufacturing process, door and window openings are framed and blocked out to your requested rough opening. When foam is injected into the panel, the door and window frames become an integral part of the panels and there are no gaps for air or moisture penetration.

How is Rockwool different than fiberglass absorption material / How 'Green' is rockwool compared with fiberglass or glass wool insulation product?

Absorption in a fibrous matrix is influenced by how well sound waves penetrate the thickness of the material and efficiency with which it gets converted to heat energy to cause acoustical decay. Fine fiber Matrix coupled with superior densities afforded by rockwool products offers much higher absorption coefficients to the designers / user. Rockwool has a healthy re-cycle content which makes it more attractive to the Green designers.

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