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Lloyd Panel System

Pre-fabricated Polyurethane Sandwich Panels
The Lloyd Panel System meets every single requirement to today's Modern Cold storage, Controlled Atmosphere Storage, Pack House, Shelters & Clean Room Enclosure, backed by Lloyd Insulations the acknowledge leader in Thermal Insulation System and Turkey Solutions.

The Main features of Lloyd Panel System are:

  • A high strength to weight ratio, with significant savings in steel work and load bearing foundations, allowing large spans to be constructed with no intermediate columns.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Maintenance-free surface.
  • High pressure foaming machine for PUF Insulation
  • High thermal efficiency, ensure low heat transmission resulting in energy savings
  • No deterioration of thermal efficiency over time.
  • Space Saving Versatile and Lightweight


The Lloyd Panel System consist of pre-fabricated panels made to very tight specification, and full range of accessories required, insulated doors, pressure relief values, sealants, mastics, PVC and aluminium profiles, ceiling suspensions and plastic components.

This modular design gives Lloyd Panel System a great deal of flexibility. It is as easy to set up a cryogenics cold room as it is to build a Modern Food processing plant , living and Telecom Shelter, Warehouses, Clean room or Glass- Fronted frozen foods showcase.

The slim line Lloyd Panel System replaces the more massive conventional concept. The components of the new system have a much smaller cross-section than conventional materials, and a correspondingly lower weight. This gives the system two major advantages.

First, it makes possible more efficient utilization of floor space, an important consideration in an environment of rising land prices.

Second, it enables telecom shelters & frozen cold storages to be installed even in high buildings such as hotels and hospitals, something that the load factors of conventional materials made impossible.

The inner and outer surface of each Lloyd Panel is made of a 0.6mm thick hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, and sandwiched between them is a 40±2 kg/m3 layer of rigid CFC free close cell polyurethane foam. Each panel is complete with a tongue and groove joint, and is provided with cam locks to ensure rigid interlocking between panels.

The panels are available with insulation thickness ranging between 60mm and 200mm, to suit normal cold storage. To facilitate installation, they are also available in a range of lengths from 3600mm to 6000mm and even 12000mm and widhths from 600mm to 1200mm. For buildings & Shelters Lloyd Panels are available in thickness from 60mm.

Lloyd Panels are also available as corner panels for the corners to act as main structural element.

Each panel is supplied pre-painted with a colour coating of 20-25 microns of architectural polyester on a minimum 175 gms/m2 base of Zinc coating. PVC and plastisol coatings of 200 micron thickness are also available as an option. The standard colour is off-white, and the surface of the steel sheets have light-cutting grooves, both to enhance their strength as well as to provide an aesthetic appearance.

The complete Lloyd Panel System is self supporting up to height of 6000mm. For structures taller than this, a secondary support of steel of reinforced concrete may be needed.

Built into the Lloyd Panel System is a large choice of doors, hatches and viewing glasses. Doors can be hinged or sliding, manually operated or mechanized. Standard mechanized doors are 1300 x 2300mm, and come complete with electrical heat tracers to prevent freezing of gaskets. Manual sliding doors are 2200mm x 3000mm in size and normal hinged door of 1220mm x 2010mm. However, doors of other dimensions are available on request.

The design of modular cold rooms & shelters is based on the size of the room and its operating temperature requirements. The correct panel thickness and dimension forms the integral design of the room. For room size upto 6metre height a modular self supporting system is recommended or else a structural steel frame work is erected to which panels are bolted from outside on to walls as well as ceiling and joints covered with a flashing. The ceiling is further protected by providing a single skin metallic roofing over the ceiling panels with light frames to act as rain & snow guard.

Lloyd Panels manufactured in semi automated machine by injecting rigid polyurethane foam in between the inner and outer steel sheets. The foaming is by high pressure foaming equipment. The press can handle six panels at a time of different thickness. The plant is ISO : 9001 certified with latest testing equipment including thermal conductivity testing. The plant can manufacture approximate two lakh square metre of sandwich panel per annum.


Thickness mm 60 80 100 120 150 200
'U' Values W/m2K 0.36 0.26 0.21 0.19 0.14 0.11
Panel Weight Kg/ m2 11.25 12.02 12.85 13.65 14.85 16.85

Properties of Polyurethane Foam (CFC Free)

Density 40±2 Kg/m3
Compressive Strength At 10% deformation 2.1 Kg/cm2
Tensile Strength 3.7 Kg/cm2
Bending Strength 4.0 Kg/cm2
Adhesion Strength (Foam to Steel) 2.9 Kg/cm2
Dimensional Stability (48hours)
+38°c & 90% RH
Close Cell Content 90-95%
Temperature Range -180°c to +110°c
Thermal Conductivity at 10°c (design value 0.020k-cal/m-hr°c or 0.023W/m-K) 0.018 k-cal/m-hr°c
Fire Resistance
Horizontal Extent of Burn BS 4735
Self Extinguishing ASTM D 1692 (Fire retarded foam chemical)
Hot easily ignitable as per BS: 476 Pt.5 & Class -1 as per BS :476 Pt. 7 (for Panel)
Water Absorption 0.2% volume at 100% RH
Water Vapour Permeability (at 90% RH & 38°c) 0.08-0.12 gms/hr m2

CA rooms are built with polyurethane sandwich panels. Lloyd Panel System provides a very good tight chamber for storage by proper sealing of all jointings between the panels. This ensures a proper maintenance of the oxygen, carbon dioxide content, humidity and temperature inside the CA room. Lloyd Panels are capable of bearing over pressures upto 30kg/m2

Lloyd Shelter is a “one-step” answer for thermally insulated, water-tight and dust-proof enclosure for applications such as Cellular & Basic Telecom network, Radar Communication Systems, Scientific and Defence applications Clean rooms, Living Modules, Cold Storage, Control Cabins and for all applications where internal conditions are to be protected from the environment. Lloyd Shelter is ideal for living shelters in high altitude and difficult terrain areas.

Lloyd Panel System has been used for construction of Modern Multi Product Multi Chambered Cold Storage, CA Storage & Pack House projects all over India.

Lloyd Panel System has been used extensively for living Shelter, Telecom Shelters & Hangar Construction in extreme cold climatic zones for Northern India. Lloyd Panel has been installed at Antarctica for MI rooms and for cold storage construction of Ice cream, Fish, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables.