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Lloyd Shelter

The Dust Proof, Waterproof, Insulated Enclosure for Controlled Atmosphere

Lloyd Shelter is a customer designed concept for housing sensitive equipments such as electronic devices in cellular Telephone & basic Telecom systems, radar and communication stations, remote stations for Scientific and Defence application.

Lloyd Shelter provide a one-step answer where a thermally insulated, Water-tight and Dustproof enclosure is needed for these and other application.

Lloyd Shelter is constructed out of the revolutionary “LOYD PANEL SYSTEM”, the concept which is the first choice for all critical applications including Frozen cold storages. LLOPYD PANEL SYSTEM is manufactured Scandinavian standards of excellence using state of the art panel making presses and PUF foaming equipment with capability to make architectural grade sandwich panels from 60mm to 200mm in thickness and up to 6m in length without joints.

The Lloyd Panel System featured for Lloyd Shelter comprises of specially designed corner panels which define the coordinate of the enclosure. These also acts as the main structural elements for securement to the base frame system. Standard panels are used to fill the space between edges of the corner panels to complete the wall, ceiling and floor insulation in the required thickness. Doors, PVC seals/ Flashings steel profiles for inner and outer corners. Silicon sealants and foam chemicals required are the other elements of Lloyd Panel System.

These panels are faced by metallic sheets with light cutting grooves. These grooves improve the general appearance along with imparting considerable strength to the panel. The standard facing material is steel, 0.6mm thick and the sheets are hot-dip galvanized (175gm/m2). Other thicknesses are available on request.

The facing has organic coating and architectural or silicon modified polysester coating (25 microns) on the sides facing the exterior & interior.

As an option, other facing material like aluminium / colour coated aluminium can also be offered.

The wall, ceilings, floor and corner panels of the insulated rooms are shipped as per-fabricated sandwich panels insulated with rigid polyurethane foam. Specially selected PUF chemicals are injected between formed metal facings using high pressure equipment in a precise ratio to create an excellent rigid polyurethane foam matrix.

The density of foam is minimum 40kg/m3, with thermal conductivity of 0.023w/m-k (AGED), and tested continuously for the highest dimensional stability over the temperature range of -60°c to + 100°c. The foam is fire retardant and self extinguishing conforming to IS11239-1988, BS: 5608 and ASTM: C591.

All testes for Thermal conductivity, flexural and compressive strengths and stability are carried out at the plant using state of art test equipment.

The floor insulation is made up of panels with marine quantity plywood as the inner facing if desired.

The joining system of the panels is designed to ensure a quick and secure assembly of the building at the site. This is achieved through the use of specially designed camlocks placed inside the foam mass before casting. The panels are made perfectly vapour tight by the use of silicone sealants.

The Lloyd shelter system is offered with complete accessories such as-

  • Shaped steel sections (L & U) for joint covers of corners and bottom of panels.
  • Riverts, bolts and screws, etc. needed for fixing the falshings.
Thermal and Load Characteristics
Thickness mm 60 80 100 120 150 200
“U” Values w/m2 °c 0.36 0.26 0.21 0.19 0.14 0.11
Panel Weight Kg/m2 11.25 12.05 12.85 13.65 14.85 16.85



Density: 40 ±2 kg/m3
Compressive strength:
at 10% deformation
Tensile Strength: 3.7kg/cm2
Bending Strength: 4.0 kg/cm2
Adhmesion Strength:
(Foam to Seal)
2.9 kg/cm2
Dimensional Stability (48 hours):
-25°c 0.1 %
+38°c & 90% RH 0.1%
+100°c 0.4
Closed cell conten: 90-95%
Temperature Range: -180°c to +95°c
Thermal Conductivity at 0°c: 0.018 k-cal/m-hr/°c
(design value 0.020 k-cal/m-hr/°c or 0.023W/m-k)
Fire Resistance
Horizontal Extent of Burn BS 4735 <125mm
Self Extinguishing ASTM D 1692
(fire retarded foam chemicals)
Water Absorpotion: 0.2% volume at 100% RH
Vapour Permeability:
(at 90%RH & 38°c)
0.08/ 0.12 gms/hr m2