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Lloyd SolerCool

Lloyd SolerCool™ is the 'first to market' answer to the problem of spoilage of fresh fruits and vegetables due to lack of refrigeration at the farm level in developing countries.

India is one of the few countries with long sunny days and plenty of sunshine. Hot and sunny weather also leads to faster spoilage of our fruits,vegetables, flowers, dairy products, refreshments like chocolates and aromatic condiments. just when the availability of solar energy is the highest, is precisely when our concern for spoilage of valuable horticultural commodities is the highest.

Harnessing solar energy for this vital application in the context of need for sustainable and green solutions in every sphere of activity is highly relevant today.

Scarce availability of electrical power in farm locations has made LloydSolerCool™ into one of the most attractive innovations.

In this unique concept, solar energy is converted to electricity through Photo Voltaic panelsto run its refrigeration system directly. Surplus generation of DC power is used to charge a bank of batteries forming part of the system. A specially designed controller regulates direct usage and storage to optimum levels.

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