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Spray Applied, Rigid, Closed Cell Polyurethane for Building protection.

LloydFoam, the spary applied Rigid Polyurethane foam is designed to combine highly efficient thermal insulation with great ease of application. It is deal of a wide range of insulation uses in buildings, particularly roofs, in addition to pipe and storage tanks in industry.

By nature, liquid applied foam polyurethane adheres strongly to almost any surface regardless of foam. As foam does not sag, buckle or mat in use, it retains its insulation value for the life of the insulation.

The Seamless and Monolithic nature of the sprayed foam provides a full proof method of sealing cracks and rendering any surface moisture resistance and draught proof. The closed cell foam has a low water vapour transmission properties and also inhibits ingress of moisture.

The excellent adhesion of the sprayed material makes mechanical fastening redundant. The low density of the materials adds little weight to overall loading. The firm bonding to the substrate can also add significantly to reducing vibration of thin membrane roofs and the structural strength of a building itself.

The process of applying rigid polyurethane foam by spray eliminates separate fixing procedures. Lloydfoam is sprayed with the help of two component GUSMER machines, which are capable of maintaining the mix ratio at +/- 2%accuracy and controlling the component temperatures at precisely the optimum range.

On roof work the insulation effect of the foam reduces thermal movement of the roof deck and helps prevent failure of the roof covering. Far from being confined to flat surface, spray applied LLOYDFOAM is ideal for curved corrugated, and irregular surfaces.

Beside external use, spray foam can be applied internally as long as the building is suitable, having easy, convenient access for application and good ventilation. The foam can be sprayed on to the underside of roofs or suspended floors and on to the inner surface of walls.

Although the foam forms a weather resistance membrane, a final coating is required as an additional protection against UV radiation in exterior applications. In the same way as any other organic material, polyurethane foam can eventually be attacked by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, hence a protective coating is necessary.


  • Efficient Thermal Insulation.
  • Seamless & Water resistant.
  • Strong & light weight.
  • Long Life with no sag.
  • Excellent adhesion to any surface.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Ideal for irregularly shaped surface.
  • Easy to handle and apply.
  • Wide range of protective coatings.
  • Exterior or interior use.
  • Faster application rate.



Density 42 (+/-2)Kg/m3
Compressive Strength 300 Kpa
Tensile Strength 280 Kpa
Shear Strength 210 Kpa
Closed cell content 92% Volume
Thermal Conductivity 0.023 w/mK (Design)
Water Absorption (7 days) 0.2 kg / m3
Water vapour transmission 2.9 ng/pasm
Temperature limit 100°C (Max)
Extent of burn 125 mm