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Specialised Metal Roofing & Wall Cladding Systems

buildings. It is provided with a precisely engineered “Rib and Flute” design to ensure wide spanning and quick recovery after being subjected to excessive load.

Lloydtile, in addition to Superdeck, offers new dimensions to architectural aesthetics and frees the designer of monotonous standard Trapezoidal design.

Lloyd Kliplock and Lloyd Standing Seam are laterally trapezoid profile with wide spanning and excellent water shedding capacities. The bold and broad flat outline makes a strong and striking appearance.

Lloyd Superdeck is a high depth roofing metaldeck profile.

Lloyd light groove is a lightly grooved sheet that can be used for plain facings.


Lloyddeck, Superdeck, Lloydtile, Lloyd Light Groove, Lloydkliplock & Standing Seam profiles are available in following standard finishes:-

  • Pre-painted zincalume / galvalume steel with super Polyester, Silicon Polyester or Fluropolymer (PVF2) coating.
  • Pre-painted galvanized steel with polyester coating (SMP / RMP).
  • Bare zincalume / galvanized finishes.


Lloydeck and Lloydtile sheets are available in a profile depth of 28-30mm at 195-200mm pitch and for Superdeck profile depth of 44mm and 130mm pitch. Lloydtile has steps of 200-300mm with height of 12-15mm . Lloyd Kliplock has a profile depth of 41-47mm at 218-250mm pitch. Lloyd Standing Seam has a profile depth of 62mm at 350-550mm pitch. In between 2 profiles, there are two small ribs in all the above profiles.

Base Zincalume / Galvalume Steel

Zincalume / galvalume steel us a zinc aluminium alloy coated steel offering high corrosion resistance.

This alloy coating comprises of 55% aluminium, 43% zinc and silicon. This coating offers a superior barrier protection against coastal atmosphere conditions. The coating class is AZ:1397, which means 150gms/m2 minimum coating mass total of both sides. Zincalume / galvalume steel are available in tensile strength of 300, 345 & 550 Mpa.

Galvanized Steel.

Galvanized steel comprises of galvanized zinc coating over mild steel of minimum coating mass 175 gms/m2 IS: 277 and tensile strength of min. 240Mpa.

Standard Conformance

As: 2728, AS: 1397
IS: 14246, IS: 513, IS: 277