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Supertherm Pipe Support

A heavy duty easy to install prefabricated pipe support system of truly revolutionary proportions Supertherm Pipe Supports are made from specially formulated chemical systems that result in high density rigid polyurethane foam. The very nature of the material immediately yields several advantages.

Property Advantages
Wide density range possible Higher densities enable higher loads without increase in surface area.
Pre-engineered at our factory No sawing and Shaping at site.
The support precisely matches pipe's OD.
Installation time dramatically reduced.
Material has a closed cell structure Does not permit water penetration.
No wet rot.
No dry rot.
Excellent 'K' value Provides vastly superior insulation as compared to timber and other materials. No condensation at support point. So no drips, puddles or energy wasted.
Good fire resistance Improved safety at site.
Improved durability.
Close dimensional tolerance Pipe Support thickness precisely matches insulation thickness, resulting in neat finish at support location.
Supplied in assembled condition, complete with all metal attachment Improved speed of installation.
Joint-free in the load bearing area, even for larger diameters of pipe.
Special sizes, shapes and finishes On request Non-standard sizes and shapes can be manufactured to suit specification. Supports can be supplied with a factory-applied coat of fire-resistive mastic, which also serves as a vapour barrier, on the exposed surface.

Physical Properties for different Densities

% Closed Cells Water Vapour Transmission (gms/m2/24hrs) Compression strength (Kpa) Tensile Strength (Kpa)
80 93 50 900 1200
120 94 45 1500 1600
180 94 30 2900 2500
250 96 25 4900 3100
320 96 15 8200 5000
This system is 'CFC FREE' and has been designed within the Guide lines of the Montreal Protocol, 1987, for the protection of the Ozone layer.

Comparison with Wood

Wood Density
'K' Value at 10°c Max. Temp °c Min. Temp °c Fire Rating
Oak 740 0.159 65 0 Poor
Mahogany 560 0.144 65 0 Poor
Supertherm 80 0.023 110 -185 Class P as per
BS: 476 Part-5 for ignitability
120 0.031 110 -185
160 0.033 110 -185