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Acoustic Enclosures

Investigations have revealed that high noise conditions impairs our feeling of well being, reduces productivity, causes mental strain, fatigue, temporary deafness or nervous breakdown. Noise control is therefore a vital economic necessity and a major contribution to environmental protection.

Lloyd Insulations (I) Ltd. has been solving industrial noise problem for more than 20 years now and offers customised solutions, designed and constructed in response to any noise problem.

Our range of services includes noise control measures such as Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic lagging of pipelines, Turbine Enclosures, Control Cabinets, Sound Absorbing Wall & Ceiling Linings, Acoustic Doors & Windows, Silencers, Air Intake and Exhaust Ducts, Acoustic Lining of Generators / Excitors / Ejectors as well as Room / Building Acoustics and Structure borne noise control.

All products - individually planned, engineered, built, delivered and installed.


For Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, DG Sets, Compressors, Machinery and Mechanical Units, Motors.

We build noise control enclosures both on the Modular principle or on a “Made to Measure” basis for all applications. Acoustic Enclosures manufactured for both indoor & outdoor use are carefully designed to withstand heavy duty use and are delivered as a composite self contained structure.

We place highest value on stable, long life construction, ease in assembly and dismantling and high acoustic effectiveness.

Our supply scope includes all accessories such as Electrical Fittings, Fire protection systems, doors (large and small - Manual as well as electrically operated), Windows, Ventilation systems and special protective coatings as required by specific user requirement.


Other variants are: Turbine Enclosures (single sheet / bondal sheet) for less stringent noise requirements.


Factory assembled and shipped as an integral unit, Control Cabinets are stand alone, base mounted, weatherproof, insulated enclosures designed for working in severe outdoor locations.

The exterior of the Control Cabinets are of heavy duty design capable of withstanding the rough treatment in an industrial environment. The interior outfitting is designed to provide a modern, practical workroom or office facility and includes Air Conditioning system, Fire detection system, Lighting and required and electrical interconnections.


Absorption Silencers with splitters-riveted or welded for use in Low/High temperature range are manufactured for various applications including Gas Turbine Inlet and Exhaust. Robust, welded frame structures and special temperature resistant absorption inserts, with facings designed to protect against damage due to high air flow velocities are the principal design features of these silencer components.

Silencers are offered as individual components or as part of the complete Air Intake & Exhaust System. Acoustically & Thermally Insulated Ductings with support structures, stacks, By pass stacks, with Diverter and Guillotine Dampers and HRSG Ducts are manufactured using most modern techniques and infrastructure while ensuring acoustic effectiveness and mechanical strength and thermal capability of the product.


Acoustic Wall and Ceiling absorption system, sound proof dividing walls etc. are offered for plants, offices, auditoriums, diesel engine halls, test beds etc.

Manufacturing process of acoustic enclosures involves basically two materials processed separately to form an enclosure. The material consists of the structurals - the main load bearing components and the acoustic panels for noise reduction. Manufacturing processes of different elements are quite different and involve exclusive machineries and tools. The structural elements are mostly available in ready to use form and thus require less processing / fabrication. The structural fabrication process involves cutting of each members into required length, joining matching plates at ends with matching holes predrilled. The process of cutting and welding the end plates require special equipments and skills.

The manufacturing process for Acoustic panels is an elaborate one involving specialized machines and jigs and fixtures. Mostly, outer facing of panels is profiled for strength and aesthetics. The inner facing is normally perforated for absorption of sound. The two metal facings are joined to each other with a profiled frame and stiffeners placed in between for maintaining the cavity and avoid sagging of insulation materials. The insulation material primarily (Rockloyd Slabs encased in heavy duty glass cloth)and barrier materials as required are located in the interior of panels appropriately. The metal to metal joining is through the process of welding / riveting. The sheet metal fabrication to form the acoustic panel, as explained above, goes through the following processes:


  1. Each sheet is cut to the desired size and formed on CNC press brake to the desired / designed pattern. The profiles (grooves) are provided in case required for better aesthetics prior to forming of sheets.
  2. The inner liner is perforated on special perforated machines. The size of perforation varies depending on the acoustic requirement of each project.
  3. The frames and stiffener are separately formed from plain sheets in the desired shape and size.
  4. The joining operation involves fixing of outer sheet, and subsequently insulation filing and barrier materials are places in the spaces before fixing of inner perforated sheet on to the assembly.
  5. Special welding processes and techniques are employed for joining the outer sheet, frame and inner sheet so as to have minimum distortions to the facing sheets.

The technical and project specific requirements generally call for trial assembly of the complete enclosure prior to painting and dispatch. The trial assembly is carried out in a designated area using special lifting & fixing equipments. Each and every component is assembled as per the assembly drawing / plan and subsequently inspected for completeness and compliances to the requirement and then dismantled before finishing and shipment.

Structures and panels fabricated as per process indicated above undergo surface preparation are cleaned properly through the process of grit / shot blasting and finished with high performance painting system. Each and every painted component is properly packaged for safe shipment to the project site.

Quality control steps - for structural fabrication as well as panel making are followed as per the individual quality plans duly approved by the customers. All documents / records are presented for individual enclosures. Quality checks are required from raw material stage through the in-process fabrication up to final finishing stage.

For further information, please contact the Office close to you or Email us at enquiry@lloydinsulations.com. You may also fill up this Customer Enquiry Form

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