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Metal Roofing & Wall Cladding

Today's building projects are large and require to be commissioned in the shortest possible time. Roofing and Cladding of the buildings of the past have featured the use of various materials like asbestos cement sheets (since prohibited by Health and Safety reasons) shallow circular corrugated aluminium Galvanised Steel sheets, GI sheets, FRP and PVC sheets etc.

Today, coated steel roofing made from a variety of profile have virtually occupied the whole space, with special aluminium profile making their presence felt.

Lloyd Insulations is committed to serving the construction industry by manufacturing high quality, competitive roofing and siding products and by providing expert technical service. Our commitment is based upon a policy of working closely with Architects, designers and customers, applying quality assurance practices to all our activities, and achieving technical excellence through close interaction with vendors of

  • Primary metals
  • Product development and
  • Capital investment.

We feature basic colour coated metals sourced from vendors having years of experience in manufacturing organic coated steels, in partnership with leading paint manufacturers. Any product from Lloyd Insulations would have been tested and proven at laboratory by specialist manufactures.

Steel as a profile material

Steel, with its combination of flexibility, durability, strength-to-weigh ratio, and economy, is an ideal material for profiled cladding

The ability of any cladding profile to meet the required structural design criteria depends on the mechanical properties and thickness of the material, and the profile shape.

Steel is the strongest and stiffest of the various materials used to make cladding sheets. Steel cladding is therefore thinner (normally 0.4mm - 0.7mm) than cladding made from other materials.

Although the deflection of a steel profiled sheet is not affected by the choice of steel grade, its resistance to plastic deformation and web buckling is. For this reason, it is often worthwhile using high tensile steels. They can markedly improve the resistance to accidental denting caused by concentrated impact loads. However, it is important to check whether high tensile grade are compatible with the specific profiles and field jointing (Seaming) operation.

Base Metal:

The basic material is cold rolled steel sheets in appropriate thickness to specific duty. Steel is available having various yield strengths, from 240 MPa to 550 Mpa for roofing and cladding applications.

Base Metal Protection:

The steel sheets used for building applications are corrosion protected with metallurgical coating of 180 GSM to 275 GSM galvanising. "Zincalume" / "Galvalume" sheets have metallurgical protection of 55% hot dipped coated Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% silicon. The coating density these is either 150 GSM or 200gsm. The Zinc - Aluminium alloy coating provides excellent corrosion resistance coupled with sacrificial protection provided by the Zinc in the alloy.

Organic Coatings:

Organic coatings provide aesthetic finish to Galvanised/ Zincalume coil stock. Choice of coating depends on the environmental conditions at the point of end use. Architectural Polyester coating is provided by indigenous manufacturers as standard products and Modified Polyester, PVF2 coatings, etc. are available on special order. Protective coatings are available in aesthetically appealing shades, whose durability without chalking or fading can be guaranteed for known exposure conditions.


Different types of profiles are available by using continuous Roll forming technique.


LLOYDECK profiled sheets are fixed to the purlins/ girts with carefully engineered self drilling and self tapping screws provided with EPDM washer and matching colour coated UV stabilized caps. Trapezoidal, Hi-rib LLOYDECK profile with anti siphoning flute which drains the water entering through the capillary action, are being widely used in the industrial buildings. Profiled sheets are available in lengths upto 12 M (limited only by transportation considerations).

These systems are widely used in our country and offer the most cost effective solutions to industrial roofing requirements.

Lloyd Klip-fix Concealed Fixing System

This system features a patented concealed clip, which is fixed to the purlins with special fasteners, and the profiled sheets are clipped on to the concealed clips. The profile design and champing system have been designed to provide excellent resistance to wind uplift. Details have been so worked out as to make the total system projects water tight.

This system was basically developed to cater to the buildings having shallow slopes (as low as 2°)

An extraordinary feature of Lloyd Klip-fix system is that it is possible to roll form at site to any length and make it possible to have a single sheet from eave to ridge without any end laps. It is also possible to provide an "end to end" continuous length of joint-free roofing where shallow curved roofs are involved. For more details CLICK HERE


Built up Roofing & Cladding System:

Roofing and cladding can be built up, layer by layer, with insulation to meet the requirements of Thermal comfort as well as noise control. Combination of LLOYDECK and LLOYD KLIP FIX systems is effectively utilised today in many building roofs. Double skin LLOYDECK Roofing and Cladding systems are commonly used for economical solutions thermal where reasonable efficiency building envelopes are designed. For more details CLICK HERE

Decking sheets having high rib profile are used in industrial buildings as permanent shuttering and also in insulated built up roofing, with a second profiled metal skin on the weathering side and insulation material deployed between the two sheets. For more details CLICK HERE

Composite Roofing & Cladding System:

Prefabricated sandwich panels with PUF/ Rockwool or Polyisocyanurate as core are available today for the most robust solutions in roofing, Wall cladding for buildings and insulated envelopes for cold rooms, D.G. set rooms to reduce the heat ingress and in DG set enclosures for noise transmissions. These composite panels essentially comprise of two metal skins with PUF/ Rockwool core offered as a one-step structural panel with weather tightness and almost the highest thermal efficiency.

Pre-fabricated sandwich panels with PUF core and with profiled sheet on the weather side and slightly ribbed plain sheets on the inner side are now the first choice for high efficiency insulation for roofings / Claddings in prestigious industrial and commercial buildings. For more details CLICK HERE

Special Roofing System:

Lloydtile type profiled sheets are available for resorts and other buildings where importance is given to aesthetic acceptance. It is common to see designers featuring these very attractive roofs in single storey units in an industrial site to break the monotony. For more details CLICK HERE


Lloydeck system utilises large quantity of self-drilling self tapping fasteners and there are many type of screws available from various manufacturers. Careful selection of screws is very important for roofing, since any weakness or proneness to corrosion of these items can cause complete breakdown of the system.

Profiled HDPE end closures, Flashings, cappings of adequate width, Sky-lighting with Poly Carbonate /FRP sheets etc have to be carefully designed and installed to make the building water tight.

Thermal Insulation/ Acoustic insulation to the buildings are provided with bonded Rockwool rolls having a standard density ranging from 48 kg/m3 to 144 Kg/m3 both bare and with aluminium foil facing. Superior density and thermal damping afforded by Rockloyd and similar rockwool's are preferred for certain special situations.

Metal roofing and cladding concepts developed by Lloyd Insulations have carved for themselves an enviable position in the Construction Industry in view of their being ideally suited to the situation and needs of the modern Engineering Industry. It would be very difficult to imagine how we could have met requirements for large enclosures with thermal and acoustical features demanded by the users of today without these concepts. The major advantage of the high speeds of design and construction afforded by metal roofing and cladding has contributed to the premier position occupied by them in the industrial Building sector today. Needless to state, Roofing and cladding work require correct installation at site to deliver performance to full potential. Lloyd Insulations provide complete field services of planning detailing supervision and installation as a turnkey offering. The single point guarantee offered is Valued very highly by all discriminating customers.

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Roofing for Cidco Railway Station Turbhe, Ghansoli Railway Station, Rabale Railway Station and many more...

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