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 For continuous service at temperatures above 1200 °C, MAFTEC, which is a Mullite fiber, is used for very high temperature.  Mullite is a stable material that does not change molecularly through the temperature range, up until it melts (1850°C).  The silica in MAFTEC is contained within the structure of Mullite and is not allowed to form free silica.  MAFTEC™ fiber diameter averages 5 microns.

MAFTEC Blanket is a high temperature needled blanket that is used in applications for temperatures up to 1600 °C. This blanket is made from high alumina fibers which, as in the case of SUPERCERA are double needled to provide high tensile strength and durability. It is resistant to shrinkage at service temperatures beyond the limit of SUPERCERA.

 High Temp Durability:  Example - Hot Rolling Mill process: Temperature Range: (1400 °C) Heating furnace (Ceiling, Side Wall, Doors, Hanging wall) Soaking Pit furnace (Inside of Cover / Lid)

Because of Low Shot  (less than 2%), it is beneficial in  Cold Rolling Mill process by minimizing surface damage in Continuous  Annealing furnace (CAL) and Continuous Galvanizing lines (CGL) Steel plate surface quality  shows  remarkable Improvement.

 Yields improved up to 3% as revealed in actual experience in a Japanese steel company.

 For Further details please visit website at: http://www.mpi.co.jp/english/products/industrial_materials/im001.html

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