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Ship Building Insulation Service

Fire seal in penetrations, ducts etc to protect ship structure from fire and to prevent risk to life caused by occurrence of fire by providing insulation to Bulkhead / Deckhead & partitions of compartments. Fire barrier insulation is also deployed to reduce the risk of damage caused by fire to the ship structure, its cargo and the environment.

This helps contains, control and suppress fire and explosion in the compartment of origin.

Fire barrier Insulation is the major element in ship construction for "Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS)" by separating accommodation spaces from the remainder of the ship by precisely designed Thermal and structural boundaries. Fireseals in pipe / duct/ cable penetrations require adequate insulation to prevent fire migration through annular space CLICK HERE (Fire Proofing & Fire Insulation Link)


Thermal & acoustic Insulation of partitions, structural members to reduce energy required for space heating and cooling, to provide an acceptable thermal environment for occupants and to prevent moisture condensation on the interior surfaces. Norms applicable are very similar to what is applicable for building insulation. For more details CLICK HERE (Building Insulation Link)

Cold and cool rooms, freezer compartments or board ships depend on efficient thermal insulation to eliminate spoilage of food products. For more details CLICK HERE (Cold Store & Cold Room Link)

Insulation is also deployed is chilled water tanks and pipes, steam lines, Gas Turbine exhaust ducts other areas, where the norms are similar to those applicable to Industrial Insulation. For more details CLICK HERE (Insulation Link)

Product Forms

Our products are offered in a wide range of specially developed and approved products for specific applications such as comfort insulation, floating floors and technical insulation in various product forms like Blankets, Bulk Fibers, Boards, Preformed Pipe Sections, Papers, Mastics to facilitate the application of an efficient sound and thermal insulation system.

Main Characteristics:

Our products are ideally suited to use in passive fire protection applications due to the following attributes:

  • Blanket product forms are flexible and are easy to install around profiled structures.
  • Blanket products are inorganic and non-combustible and will not contribute to any fire. Other forms are low in organic content and contribute little heat in fire situations.
  • All product forms are excellent insulators which result in lightweight and thin systems, characteristics particularly important in marine and offshore situations.
  • Wide range of fire certificates ranging from non combustibility certificates to Type Approved fire rated deck and bulkhead fire resisting systems and structural steel protection systems.
  • Statutory approvals from “Directorate General of Shipping (DGS)”, Government of India, MED certification for European countries are called for.

Typical Applications:

The requirements for insulation work on ships differ from those for onshore jobs especially with regard to the working conditions. Installations onboard ships are often very compressed making access rather difficult. Therefore insulation and accommodation work onboard ships must be carefully planned and carried out by specially trained personnel.

LII expertise includes insulation and cladding of complicated engine room plants, exhaust pipes from main and auxiliary engines, fuel oil pipes, boiler systems and condenser tubes from compressors with specially designed insulation system to limit the heat loss to minimum & efficiency to maximum.

Furthermore, we carry out all types of fire and conventional insulation work on bulkheads and ceilings etc.

Our expertise is in following areas,

  • Ships & offshore oil installations: Blanket for lining steel and aluminium bulkheads and decks. Rating from A15, A30, A60 and H120.
  • Fire Doors: Blanket and Boards for infill of fire doors for building and marine use.
  • Intumescent Paint: Engineering fibers for reinforcement of fire protection intumescent paints.
  • Gas Turbines: Blanket for fabricating into insulation mattresses.
  • Duct Work Systems: Blanket and modules for lining hot gas ducts, turbine exhaust ducts and diffusers.
  • Silencers: Acoustic Blanket for infilling silencer splitters in gas turbine systems and co-generation plants.
  • Pipe Protection: Blanket for wrapping hot water and steam pipes in co-generation and conventional power plants.

Insulation of A/C pipes and Ducts

Preformed pipe sections of PIR suitable for different sizes for chilled water pipes insulation CLICK HERE

Pre insulated spiral ducting of various sizes for ventilation trunking CLICK HERE

For further information, please contact the Office close to you or Email us at enquiry@lloydinsulations.com. You may also fill up this Customer Enquiry Form

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