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Telecom Shelters / Pre-Fabricated Enclosures

Lloyd Telecom Shelters / Pre-Fabricated Enclosures:

  • Lloyd Insulations the first Indian company to provide 'Ready to Erect' Telecom Shelters in India with in-house Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Erection / Installation capability all across India for efficient and cost effective operations of telecom equipment. {Dust Weather proof Insulated Cabin for Housing GSM/ CDMA Transmission equipment base station.}
  • Our units were designed and perfected to provide 100% Weather integrity under all environmental conditions, high thermal efficiency to minimize energy consumption with superlative ability to withstand Wind loads as prevailing in all parts of the country.
  • Lloyd Insulations commenced supply and installation of Shelters to Indian Telecom Operators in 1998 with 'Birla AT & T' as first customer.
  • During the course Lloyd Insulations have serviced all operators, Services provider & infrastructure provider & have installed in excess of 1 Lacs such enclosures.

Salient Features

  • Corner panels - Lloyd shelter has a unique design of “tied down” corner panels which define shelter co-ordinates & are able to substain wind load of 180 kmph.
  • Floor panel - Floor panels of 19 mm marine ply as inner skin and embedded in the sandwiched foam duly strengthened with structural square tubing are designed to withstand the floor loading of 2500 kg/m3. Panel to panel joint is Tongue & Groove / Camlocks for mechanical robustness.
  • Tie Rods - as a special feature tie rods are provided through the corner/wall panels joining ceiling and floor panels and are tied down to the base structure to make the shelter as a whole unit.
  • Base Structure - Lloyd shelter is installed on roof tops & ground on suitable base structure consisting of beams & channels (ISMB & ISMC) are provided for requisite floor loading in excess of 2500 kg/m2. Each arrangement is designed to suit specific building.
  • Secondary Roof - Profiled Secondary roof is provided to shed rain water with features. Boxed edges prevent in gress of driven water under all intensities of rainfall.
  • Elastomeric Rubberised Polyurethane based material (ISOTHANE EMA/EMB) is applied to result in a “NO LEAKAGE “ Shelter.

Lloyd Telecom Shelter comes with

  • Air Conditioner with Free Cooling Unit ( Make : Shulz, Italy)
  • PCM Energy Storage Emergency Cooling Unit with energy storage System (including 2 Nos. of DC fans) (Make: PCM Energy, India)
  • Diesel Generator (Make : Powerica)
  • Power Management Unit ( Make : Selvon / Lloyd)
  • Alarm System with Audio Hooters (Make : Lloyd)
  • Battery bank (Make : Amarraja)
  • Enclosure with PUF Sandwich Panels with
    • 2 side sloping roof or Slant Roof
    • FRP Outer Facing / PPGI inner facing
    • Tongue & Groove Joint / Cam lock, Corner panel or without corner panel
    • Expandable in either directions
    • Door, Cable Trays etc.
  • Electricals : Siemens / Philips and others (ISI approved)

Lloyds have the set up to manufacture the largest number of Telecom shelters, deliver them to sites “on time” and deploy erection teams to any corner of India for which has helped Indian Telcos to roll out phenomenal number of towers country wide.

For further information, please contact the Office close to you or Email us at enquiry@lloydinsulations.com. You may also fill up this Customer Enquiry Form

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