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Turnkey Cold Storage / Controlled Atmosphere System

As a part of 50 years of business in this part of the world, we have been associated with more than 20,000 Industrial, Infra-structure, Post Harvest Management Projects.

As a pioneer and market leaders for specialized construction solutions to major Projects, LII has continuously made available relevant technologies and required infra-structure to provide total service demanded by large Projects.

Our Accent on Energy Conservation at every stage and our expertise in Resource Management has shaped our position in the Insulation Industry. Our Leadership status and Industry Expertise has made us Market Leaders with over 70% market share.

Our association with Cold Chain Projects
Right from inception of our company i.e. in the year 1956, we have been involved in Cold store insulation work. Initially, we were employed by our various clients for insulation of Conventional Cold Stores. With the help of this experience we always upgraded construction practice for Cold Chains and introduced various new concepts in India.

As of today, we have a separate division to work on Post Harvest Management of Horticultural includes Design Solutions, Supply, and Execution of various Cold Chain Projects including:

  1. Pre-cooling System, with mobile pre-cooling where needed.
  2. Refrigerated Infrastructure required at Rural Markets - various State Agriculture Marketing Board assignments.
  3. Transit Cold Storage / Storage Facilities.
  4. Refrigerated Transport System.
  5. Refrigerated Railway Wagons.
  6. Refrigerated Cargo Containers.
  7. Cold Storages / CA Storages / ULO Storages.
  8. Refrigerated Retail Outlets.

In Indian market, we are known as Total Solution Company with single point responsibility for Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Application and field Erection. The forward integration programme of our company implemented during last 50 years has evolved the different business lines which are complementing to our activities in Cold Chain Sector. We offer comprehensive solution including Pre-engineered Buildings to our clients.

With Metal Roofing and Cladding, Sorting and Grading Lines, Insulated Sandwich Panels, Cold Rooms, Ripening Rooms, CA Stores and other special Enclosures.

We have been associated with various companies for different systems which forms a complete Cold Chain.

Following are our associates:

M/s.Greefa Machinebow, Holland Sorting and Grading Line specialists for various fruits and vegetables
M/s.Van Amerongen, Holland For Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Gas supply and monitoring systems
M/s.Von der Heiden, Holland Airflow control through TARP system for Ripening Chambers
M/s.Mistech Inc., USA For precise humidification projects
M/s.BG Doors Upsliding Doors of all sizes
M/s.Salco Holland Special doors for Gas Tight and Frozen Stores
M/s.Polaris Technologies, Spain Ethylene Metering and Management in Ripening Rooms.
M/s.Termolog, South Africa Data Logger for temperature and RH Monitoring M/s.Bio Conservacion, Spain - Ethylene Absorption.
M/s.Bitzer, Ms.Helpman, Refrigeration Systems - both Evaporating and M/s.Guntner, Germany Condensing Units

We are member of International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses.

The only two facilities in India which are accredited by IARW, USA, both are constructed by us.


Lloyd & Distribution Centres
Lloyd Insulations leads the industry when it comes to refrigerated distribution facilities. Unlike other construction companies who do a little bit of everything, LII focuses all of its attention on building and improving refrigerated distribution facilities.

With knowledge gained as Contractor for various types of refrigerated warehouse spaces, LII can help solve refrigerated distribution issues right down to the last detail. We know what it takes to run these facilities day in and day out, because we have experience of each & every situation.

  • Distribution centres for MSAMB,UPSIDC & APMC.
  • CFS / ICD Warehouses for CWC, KWC, CONCOR etc.
  • Had privilege of constructing India's first multi temperature Food Distribution centre for Radhakrishna Foodlands and India's Biggest Fruit & Vegetable Auction Market A/c. M/s. Safal, Bangalore.

We have constructed complete facility and Distribution of foods and associated products to foodservice establishments such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, flight kitchens, fast food chains, etc.

We have been associated with the only ORGANIZED foodservices distribution company in India ensuring product integrity throughout the supply chain.

The customer's facility has been designed by international experts, USDA approved and is built to Codex Standards integrating HACCP solutions. This facility is first of several. This Distribution Centre procures, value ads, stores and distributes over 700 tons per day of perishable and non-perishable food products and operating supplies.

The designs are scalable and replicable to handle diverse environments in India and overseas.

The facility has post harvest infrastructure for grading, sorting, portioning and packaging of produce.

We have constructed the largest and most advanced cold storage complex, run and managed by a private entrepreneur in India.

State of the art multi-product, multi-temperature cold storage facility of 2 million cu. ft. for storing 25,000 MT goods from +25 to 0 degree centigrade. Deep freeze facility for storing 1,500 MT goods at 0 till -20 degree centigrade. This is the only cold storage in India to be granted license for operating as a "Privately Owned Custom-Bonded Warehouse" under the Indian Customs Act.

This pioneer in the country in providing facilities like grading, sorting, repacking, dry warehousing, trans-shipment and container stuffing facilities etc within single premises is a valued Lloyd's customer.


Lloyd & Retail Outlets

  • Metro Cash & Carry Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Shoprite SA, Mumbai
  • Ivory Properties, Malad (Hypercity)
  • Kalpataru Megapolis Mall, Thane
  • Inorbit Malls (I) Pvt. Ltd., Mindspace, Malad.


Post Harvest Management -Reference Highlights

  1. Supply And Execution Of Complete Pack House For Mangoes On Turn-Key Basis At Maharashtra State Agro Marketing Board (Msamb), Jalna, Tal & Dist., Jalna

    Description: Aforesaid facility executed at MSAMB consists of -
    • 1.5 MT per hour Sorting and Grading Line
    • Pre-cooling Room
    • Cold Store.
    • Ripening Chamber
  2. Supply And Execution Of Complete Pack House For Mangoes On Turn-Key Basis At Maharashtra State Agro Marketing Board (Msamb), Jalna, Tal & Dist., Jalna
    • Thermal Insulation using Lloyd-PUF Panels for Walls, Flooring and Ceiling of existing pre-built chambers
    • Hinged doors - insulated
    • Intricate refrigeration system: evaporator, condenser & controls
    • Ripening system: ethylene generator, ventilator and controls
    • CO2 scrubber including CO2 and O2 gas analysers
  3. Supply And Execution Of Complete Pack House For Mangoes On Turn-Key Basis For Maagrita Exports Ltd At Nilakottai

    Description: Aforesaid facility executed at MAAGRITA consists of -
    • 3.0 MT per hour Sorting and Grading Line for mangoes and 1 MT per Hour sorting and grading line for vegetables.
    • 2 Nos Pre-cooling Room 12 MT.
    • 2 Nos Cold Store 50 MT.
    • 2 Nos Ripening Chamber 12 MT.
  4. Supply And Execution Of Complete Pack House For Mangoes On Turn-Key Basis For Maagrita Exports Ltd At Nilakottai
    • Thermal Insulation using Lloyd-PUF Panels for Walls and Ceiling.
    • Vertically opening doors for ripening, sliding doors insulated from M/s BG doors.
    • Intricate refrigeration system: Evaporator, Condenser & Controls from M/s Bitzer and M/s Helpman
    • Ripening system: ethylene generator, ventilator and controls from M/s Polaris.
    • Humidification system from M/S Miatech.

Apart from this, we have constructed one facility for export of grapes in Sangli District of Maharashtra for Euro Grapes which is been approved to existing European Norms.


Lloyd and Pack Houses

  • Integrated Mango Pack House including CA Cold Store at UPSIDC, Lucknow.
  • Integrated Pack House including Ripening Rooms for various kinds of fresh fruit & vegetables at the second plant of MAAGRITA EXPORTS LIMITED, NILLAKOTTAI
  • Centralised CA Facility for storage of apples at Kundli, Haryana- near Delhi
  • Packhouse for mangos for M/s Galla Foods Chittoor.
  • Cold Store for Grapes for M/s Euro Fruits
  • CA Storage for apples valued Rs. 26 crores for M/s Adani Exports in Himachal Pradesh


Benefits to our client

  • Streamlined Project Cycle
  • Single-Point of Accountability
  • Deep Knowledge of construction of Distribution Centres
  • Experience Gained Over History Of Successful Projects
  • Tight Integration Between Design, Engineering, Execution and Personnel
  • Measurable Results … Faster


Core Strength
Lloyd Insulations is committed to

  • Quality
  • Maintaining and Improving on project specifications &
  • To complete assignments to prescribed time schedules.
  • The company is proud of its excellent safety record and safe working practices at site.
  • Lloyd Insulation is an ISO 9001-2000 Organisation.

Simply put, we have 50 years of general contracting experience and we have leaved by the simple business philosophy of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our contracting work has been to build on time and within budget. This core philosophy has allowed us to maintain lasting relationships with leading Corporate Houses that span decades, and helped us to grow since 1956. Our construction practice, safety awareness has received special mention by International Companies like Stellar - USA, Shoprite - S.A., Metro Cash and Carry - Germany, Bechtel Inc. USA, Shell Global, Wall Bridge Brown and Root, Foster Wheeler and many others.


Current Scenario in Cold Chain Business in India

In India we have been associated with number of Projects which are part of partial Cold Chains. In fact, we have experience of construction of all the important sections of Cold Chain but unfortunately in India there is not a single example of a complete Cold Chain.

Cold Chain Present Status in India can be described as below,

  • Large numbers of obsolete cold storages - There is no correlation between growing areas and cold storage locations, India has almost 20m tons of cold storage capacity, over 80% dedicated to potato
  • Little or no pre cooling
  • Limited reefer transport - Large logistics providers like Crystal Roadways & Radhakrishna Food Land have less than 100 reefers
  • Limited number of Refrigerated Distribution Centers

After entry of number of big Corporate Houses in Retail business, we had great expectations that presence of these Corporate Houses will initiate complete Cold Chain activities on PAN India basis. Unfortunately, nothing has happened for last two years may be because of change in thinking process of these Corporate Houses to sell the perishables at minimum price. Unawareness of consumers like hygiene and condition of the perishables is also other reason to restrict growth of Cold Chains in India. Apart from above following are other reasons of non viability of cold chains,

  • Cold Chain adoption in India is product centric and fragmented
  • Since most small and medium sized farmers need cash soon after harvest, they evacuate their produce to the nearest mandi immediately to try and reduce product risk, obviating the need for cold storing
  • Non-availability of quality and reliable power in rural areas. Power outages necessitate the use of generators which makes cold storing financially unviable
  • Farmers know about cold storing, but most are unaware of the benefits of pre-cooling and reefer transport
  • High capital costs compounded by high instance of excise / customs duty on equipment
  • Existing capital subsidy schemes of the government are not adequate
  • Significant expenditure on power
  • Low utilization on account of lack of awareness and seasonality
  • Not enough quality human capital to manage the cold chain
  • No cadre of post harvest managers who can provide know how on treatment and handling of various F&V produce

This is however changing with the advent of major retail chains like Reliance, Bharti, Godrej, ITC, Future Group, AV Birla Retail who are demanding quality produce. Foreign players like Wal-Mart, Carrefour, etc, are waiting in the side liners.


Market Potential for LII
The total production of storable fruits in cold stores in India is around 9 million ton and storable vegetables are around 42.5 million tons. Around 35% of the storable produce (18 million ton) is consumed in fresh form during harvest season. Remaining 65% i.e. 33.5 million ton needs storage capacity out of which present cold store capacity in the country is around 20.5 million ton. Hence the gap of 13 million ton needs to be created. Production of F & V in the year 2011 is going to be double which would require creation of additional cold storage capacity. In terms of numbers presently 5500 cold storages are existing and 9000 more are required to cope up this demand.

The government agencies like National Horticulture Board and State Agricultural Produce Marketing Boards are promoting various Cold Chain Projects in India to decrease the unnecessary wastage of F & V products which is around 35-40% of the total production with value of Rs.50000/- crores. These Boards constantly promoting export of various fruits, vegetables and flowers with necessary inputs to the India farmers.

In coming years Modern format retailing may require distributed sourcing, centralized holding and dispatch followed by de-centralised sales. In this case, Cold Chains will become inherent part of retailing for maintaining the quality of the produce through this process. With growth rates of 25-30% organized retail in India looks extremely promising and is already outpacing to non-organised sector which is growing at around 8%.

The export of F & V products calls for long distance moment of perishables along with long term storage. This factor will again help to increase the number of Cold Chains in India.

Export, Processing and Retail are exerting a strong demand pull on Cold Chain Infra-structure and the pull will aggravate in future.

As stated earlier, LII has already set up a Post Harvest Management Department to tap maximum share of opportunities available in Cold Chain sector during forth coming years. We strongly believe in providing total solutions to customer under one roof with detailed technical back up which helps us in turn to develop long lasting relation and repeat business. To cope up with future demands of Cold Chain Industry, we have already amended our manufacturing facility by doubling the capacity and have short-listed appropriate team members who will provide us necessary system integration backups.

The existing contracting capability and vast experience in executing complex contracts will definitely compliment our above preparations to fulfill demands of this industry.

For further information, please contact the Office close to you or Email us at enquiry@lloydinsulations.com. You may also fill up this Customer Enquiry Form

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