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Water Proofing

LLOYDPLUS is a 'one-step' system providing a comprehensive solution for thermal insulation of buildings and waterproofing requirements.

The system comprises high efficiency LLOYDFOAM for thermal insulation and monolithic and elastomeric ISOTHANE for waterproofing.

Some conspicuous features of LLOYDPLUS system are:

  1. The component raw materials are in liquid form which is relatively stable with acceptable shelf life
  2. The process of application does not involve melting of bitumen etc (needed for applying Expanded Polystyrene) or use of torches etc needed for felt waterproofing. This eliminates fire, smoke and pollution hazards.
  3. Components of both insulation foam and waterproofing membrane being Urethane based have excellent compatibility with each other, affording cohesion between themselves and excellent adhesion to any substrate.
  4. The inherent adhesive nature of the system lends itself to effective bond while conforming to any shape and curvature of roofs including vertical features like parapets.
  5. Ensures a joint-free and monolithic structure both in insulation and the Waterproofing layers, which is so essential for trouble -free performance.

Though this system can be extremely efficient and cost-effective, it involves carrying out foaming at site, under site construction environment. Hence, there is need for use of proper equipment operated by skilled personnel along with adequate inspection as well as regular collection and testing of test samples from various stages during the actual foaming operation, to ensure that the same degree of quality control is obtained. The standard Quality Assurance Plan document is intended to cover all such points to result in an efficient and reliable application.

Lloyd Insulation under takes these works as a 'one-stop' agency to ensure full compliance with all requirements. Complete recommended specifications and specific details suited to specific applications are available from the company.

ISOTHANE EMA - Elastomeric Waterproofing

ISO THANE EMA elastomeric membrane is a liquid applied coating based on urethane perpolymers which cure by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give a continuous film which is elastic. It contains leafing aluminium which gives excellent U.V. resistance.

ISOTHANE EMA curves to a permanently flexible seamless membrane which, by virtue of its chemical reactivity in the wet state has good adhesion to a wide ranges of substrates (given proper preparation) such as roofing asphalt, slates, tiles, asbestos, concrete, brick, wood, glass and metals. Unlike more traditional bitumen based product ISOTHANE EMA does not readily embrittle with age, exposure to ultra violet radiation or weathering and hence it does not crack or craze.

Since it is elastomeric ISOTHANE EMA is not adversely affected by extremes of temperature, consequently it does not crack at low temperatures or suffer thermal flow at elevated temperatures.


ISOTHANE Elastomeric Membranes are designed to bond to many types of substrate particularly those commonly used as roofing, such as felt, asphalt, slate, tiles, asbestos, concrete, brick, wood, glass and metals. They can also be applied to sprayed polyurethane (PU) foam insulation. However, it is essential that substrate and structures are properly prepared, and stable.

Technical Data: Typical Properties

Specific Gravity 1.18
Solids 95 % min
Abel Closed cup flash point 56°c
Application limits 0-70°c
Approximate Dry time 12-20 hours touch dry, 7 days full cure
Tensile Strength 2.07 MN/m2
Accelerated Weathering No appreciable deterioration
U/V Resistance Excellent
Water Resistance Excellent
Resistance to Industrial Environments Excellent
Resistance to Mechanical Damage Good
Storage Stability (Temperate Climate) 9 month

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) membrane waterproofing System

TPO is a heat-weldable single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin sheet designed for new roof construction and reroofing applications. TPO membrane waterproofing System is based on advanced polymerization technology that combines the durability and weatherability of ethylene-propylene (EP) rubber with the heat weldability of polypropylene. The membrane is specifically formulated for long-term weather resistance without the use of either polymeric or liquid plasticizers. Physical properties of the membrane are enhanced by a strong, polyester fabric that is encapsulated between the TPO based top and bottom plies. The combination of the fabric and TPO plies provide Sure-Weld reinforced membranes with high breaking strength, tearing strength and puncture resistance. The membrane is environmentally friendly and safe to install. TPO membrane waterproofing System are LEEDTM (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant. (The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) re the originators of the LEED Green Building Rating System).


  • Wide window of weldability
  • Outstanding puncture resistance
  • Chlorine-free with no halogenated flame retardants
  • Plasticizer-free, does not contain liquid or polymeric plasticizers
  • Excellent low temperature impact resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases, and restaurant exhaust emissions
  • Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation
  • Low water vapour Permience and water absorption
  • Hot melt extrusion processed for complete scrim encapsulation
  • Warp knitted fabric (not woven) for smooth surface and greater thickness-over-scrim
  • Polyester reinforcing fabric which is resistant to degradation by bacteria, mildew and fungi

TPO membrane Waterproofing from Lloyds is provided either directly over building structures or over insulated roof systems in a Variety of configurations. Please contact us for an optimum design solution to meet specific Insulation, Noise control or Fire resistance objectives.

Some of our major waterproofing projects are...
Mumbai International Airport Ltd, Terminal 2, Mumbai.
Tata Power Company Limited, Trombay Power Station
Larsen & Toubro Limited, (ECC Construction Group) Jamnagar, Gandhinagar, Npcl Kudam Kulam
Reliance Industries Limited, Worli, Patalganga
Department Of Space Ahmedabad,
Essar Projects Limited. Refinery Plant Building At Vadinar
Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd
Nicholas Piramal India Limited.
Indian Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd. Baroda, Nagothane
Central Public Work Dept (CPWD)

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