Sandwich Panel System

Lloyd Sandwich Panels

The Lloyd Panel System meets every single requirement to today’s Modern Cold storage, Controlled Atmosphere Storage, Pack House, Shelters & Clean Room Enclosure, backed by Lloyd Insulations the acknowledged leader in Thermal Insulation System and Turkey Solutions.

The Lloyd Panel System consist of pre-fabricated panels made to very tight specification, and full range of accessories required, insulated doors, pressure relief values, sealants, mastics, PVC and aluminium profiles, ceiling suspensions and plastic components.

This modular design gives Lloyd Panel System a great deal of flexibility. It is as easy to set up a cryogenics cold room as it is to build a Modern Food processing plant , living and Telecom Shelter, Warehouses, Clean room or Glass- Fronted frozen foods showcase.

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Salient Features

The slim line Lloyd Panel System replaces the more massive conventional concept. The components of the new system have a much smaller cross-section than conventional materials, and a correspondingly lower weight.

A high strength to weight ratio, with significant savings in steel work and load bearing foundations, allowing large spans to be constructed with no intermediate columns.

Dimensional stability

Maintenance-free surface
High pressure foaming machine for PUF Insulation
High thermal efficiency, ensure low heat transmission resulting in energy savings
No deterioration of thermal efficiency over time.
Space Saving Versatile and Lightweight

More Info

Rockloyd Mattress

Rockloyd is a precisely engineered Resin Bonded Fibrous Insulation to offer maximum resistance to heat passage. Rockloyd fibres are spun from selected rocks, melted at 1600°c and blended to a carefully adjustment chemical composition. Its centrifugally spun fibres have a diameter 1/20th that of human hair which are felted using State of the Art Technology into bonded and cured mattress to optimum density and resilience. Over 25million sq.mts. of Rockloyd Insulation are in services in prestigious projects within the country saving millions of tones of fuel year after year.

Rockloyd, like all scientifically processed fibrous insulants is composed of fibres which are laid in the optimum configuration to offer maximum resistance to heat flow. To retain these exceptional properties up to the point of end-use, fibres are interlocked by lightly bonding them together using a thermosetting binder. Subsequently, matts are factory stitched to specified wire mesh using a continuous stitching machine to permit a ready-to-use configuration.

Salient Feature

  • Higher Thermal Performance, as it is made out of Rockwool and not slagwool.
  • Eliminated setting and sagging.
  • Longer Life, permitting reuse after removal during maintenance.
  • Environment Friendly, as there is no chicken feathering (Which normally pollutes the environment). It is ECO friendly to personnel due to the chemistry of fibres.
  • Uncontaminated, as manufacturing is totally a DRY Process.
  • Application Friendly, as it permits very fast installation.
  • Can feature Resistance to capillary if needed


Specification conformance
Rockloyd mattress manufactured from select rocks to state of Art Specification fully conform to local & International Standards such as.

BS3958 Part-3

Approved for A-60 Class insulation*
* The only product in India.


Technical Specifications

Standard Densities100, 120 & 150 Kg/m3
Application Temperatures-100°c to +800°c
Standard Thickness*25, 40, 50, 60, 65, 75mm
Standard Size1520 x 1220 mm

* Other thickness from 20 to 100 mm in steps of 5mm can also be made available.


Corrosion Protection
Rockloyd fibres, in the first place, are devoid of impurities like Halides (Chlorides & fluorides) and Sulphides which are commonly found in other materials such as Calcium Silicate. This is due to the fact that Rockloyd fibres are manufactured by a dry manufacturing process and its faint alkalinity actually fight against corrosive reactions. It meets various critical specifications including ASTM C 795 requirements where specified.

This feature is responsible for its exclusive selection for critical applications such as Nuclear Power plants, ship building and Railways coaches where corrosion resistance is of vital significance.

Fire Resistance
Incombustible when tested as per IS:3144 Melting point of fibres is above 1000°c (1825°F)

Compression Resistance & Sound Absorption
Excellent compression resistance & sound absorption by virtue of its scientific fiber lay pattern which ensures controlled dispersion of air pockets.

Inhibited Rockwool
Where stress corrosion is there on austenitic stainless steel, inhibited Rockwool Mattressess are used. Inhibition is done by spraying sodium silicate of adequate quantity in order to lower chloride content as low as 2ppm.

Water Repellent Grade
It is special grade Rockwool materials wherein special type of chemical is added during its manufacturing process to make it water repellent grade. For this property it is tested as per BS:2972 with partial immersion in water for 48hrs. which exhibits superior results as compared to normal grade Rockwool.

Thermal Conductivity
Resin Bonded Rockloyd material is the only one to offer the LOW THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY to weight ratio among all industrial insulants thus minimizing the total load on the applied equipment.


Sandwich Panel Range

PU Panel System

Rockwool Panel System

PU Panel System

Lloyd PU Panel System offers on step solution for Thermal Insulation of Roofing & Cladding of Buildings and for construction of cold rooms.

Lloyd PU Panels System comprises of Pre-fabrication sandwich panels with CFC free Polyurethane Foam at a density of 40+/- 2 kg/cu.m as a core and with profiled sheeting / plain ribbed sheeting made out of Galvanized / Galvalume steel as facing on both sides. Lloyd PU Panels come with standard Tongue and Groove Joints for Cold Rooms and Roofing panels and with Concealed fixing system arrangement for Cladding of Buildings.

Lloyd PU Panel are manufactured in the most Modern Continuous panel making line and can be supplied in strengths upto 12m (limited due to restriction in transportation). Lloyd PU Panels are available in a standard width of 1m and in various thickness to suit the Industry requirements.

Rockwool Panel System

Lloydroc Rockwool Panel System comprises of pre-fabricated composite sandwich panels with high density Rockwool converted to Lamellar as core and profiled / plain, colour coated Galvanised Steel / Galvalume steel sheet facing on both sides, complete with joint sealants and fixing ancillaries. Lloydroc Panel System provides an one step solution in the form of Insulated walls and Roofings for easy quicker construction of Turbine-Generator Buildings, DG set power project buildings, Drivers, Ovens and other Industrial Buildings.

Lloydroc Rockwool Panels come with concealed fixing system arrangement for cladding of buildings and with profiled sheets for Roofing and cladding applications. Lloydroc Rockwool Panels come with plain sheet with Tongue and Groove Joints for construction of hotrooms, Drivers, Ovens etc.

Lloydroc Rockwool Panles are manufactured in the most Modern continuous panel making line and can be supplied in lengths upto 12m (limited due to restriction in transportation). Lloydroc Rockwool Panles are available in a standard width of 1m and in various thickness to suit the Industry requirements.